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ATGROUP is a consulting firm specializing in advisory, auditing and consulting services in legal and/or security matters related to the application of the Right to New Information and Communication Technologies.
At ATGROUP, we have a team with great experience in the area and we have a wide range of services that fit the needs of each client. We offer you advice and an appropriate specialized treatment for your company.

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At ATGROUP, we define specialized training as the transfer of effective and practical knowledge to our clients and collaborators.

In all the services that ATGROUP carries out, a specialized training program is developed with three levels of levels of complexity (A. B, C), in order to gradually equip of operational competencies to the professionals who participate in the consulting and auditing projects of legal-technological issues.

For this we have rooms for personalized training and tutoring in our facilities, and a select group of teachers, all of them specialists in their respective subjects and active professionals.

Of course there are also the most advanced online training platforms and e-learning tools that allow us to carry out our courses both in company as off company with the maximum guarantees and full satisfaction of our students.

Different types of collaboration systems have also been signed with university institutions and professional training entities that allow ATGROUP's training offer to be expanded.

For more information see our course catalog or consult our advisors.



With the entry into force of the General Data Protection Regulation, Regulation 679/2016 (GDPR) and of the Organic Law 3/2018 of Protection of Personal Data and Guarantee of Digital Rights, the need arises to adapt to all organizations this New legislation This process must be carried out through a peaceful and effective transition from the previous regime established by Organic Law 15/1999. At At Group we propose a work system that meets all the necessary characteristics to meet the needs that may be generated by the execution of the comprehensive plan of adaptation to European and national regulations.


The General Data Protection Regulation, Regulation 679/2016 (GDPR) establishes that organizations have the responsibility of periodically supervising compliance with data protection regulations. To achieve this goal, from AT Group we propose the audit service, which includes a detailed analysis of the necessary operations so that each organization can have a faithful picture of the status of its regulatory compliance in this area.


The General Data Protection Regulation 679/2016 (GDPR) establishes that in certain public and private organizations the figure of the DATA PROTECTION DELEGATE (DPD) is implemented. He must be appointed according to his professional qualifications and, in particular, his knowledge in law and data protection legislation. From At Group we propose to outsource the figure of the DPD by putting at your service an expert in data protection and privacy that continuously monitors the correct compliance with these regulations in your organization.


The National Security Scheme has become, after the entry into force of Organic Law 3/2018 for the Protection of Personal Data and Guarantee of Digital Rights, into a standard to be taken into account for compliance with these regulations. The fact that it is mandatory for Public Administrations to implement this Scheme, obliges them and other entities to face the challenge of meeting their demanding requirements. At ATGroup we offer detailed advice for assimilation and integration.


In recent years, consumers have turned to the products and services offered via the Internet. Today millions of potential buyers connect to the network to make their purchases online.



From the entry into force of the L.O. 5/2010, of the Reform of the Criminal Code, legal persons are criminally responsible for certain crimes committed by their managers or employees in the exercise of their duties.


The regulations in force regarding the Prevention of Money Laundering, establish a series of obligations to companies and institutions directly or indirectly linked to the financial or economic sector, with the intention of preventing or preventing money laundering whose origin is not lawful.


The ETHICAL COMPLAINT CHANNEL of ATGroup is an independent and confidential mechanism for reporting actions or omissions, facts or behaviors that may be allegedly contrary to the company's ethics, its internal regulations or any law, or norm of obligatory fulfillment in the country where the activities of the company are developed.


Law 1/2019, of February 20, on Business Secrets supposes a boost from the legislative powers to the protection of business information, which extends not only to information with personal data, but also to all information that may be strategic and therefore secret. ATGroup can propose to its clients solutions to take full advantage of these regulations, in order to take advantage of the legal protection it offers.

Social Environment


A legal obligation for all companies with more than 50 workers, those established by their collective agreement or those determined by the competent labor authority.


The implementation of a corporate social responsibility plan seeks to improve the corporate image before third parties through active and voluntary participation in social, environmental and economic progress.

Other Services


ATgroup is a Registration Entity authorized by ANF-AC, an internationally approved Electronic Certification entity.


The strategic agreement between ATgroup and the prestigious company Evidentia allows to cover all the needs that electronic evidence requires before a judicial process.


At ATGROUP we are aware that security has different aspects, and there is not only the technological part, at ATGROUP we understand security as an INTEGRAL process, where personal, technological, internal and external elements are linked, among others. Therefore, in certain crises and privacy situations, it is necessary to go one step further and the participation of highly qualified private investigation professionals is necessary, as is the case of EUROPEA DE INVESTIGACIONES, in order to put a certain end to certain crises and serious incidents.

Indeed, on many occasions the crisis or the incidence of security in terms of personal data or technological security, does not originate from the structure and systems implemented by the client, but rather from internal or external behaviors that have exploited a vulnerability .

In order to adequately and effectively respond to this type of incident, ATGROUP has signed a strategic collaboration agreement with the prestigious EUROPEAN INVESTIGATION detective agency with more than 25 years of experience in activities such as:

  • business investigation (internal fraud)
  • cyber research
  • competitive intelligence
  • litigation support
  • Other investigations related to the protection of personal data and privacy risks.

The activity of auditing and consulting in the matter of privacy of the professionals of ATGROUP together with the investigative capacity of EUROPEA DE INVESTIGACIONES allows to give a full response to the eventualities and crises that the companies of the XXI century have to face.

For more information see our expanded Service Catalog or consult our specialized advisers.

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